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Who is Writing Hype For?

This may be my most commonly asked question when I talk about what Writing Hype is. While the website does have an FAQ, it may be easier to address some of the big points here. 1) Writers Who Lack Confidence.

I have been in that boat. I've had friends and family, teachers and mentors, read something I wrote and tell me it was great. I've asked them, point blank, if they were just saying that to spare my feelings. Even then, I had this little nagging voice in the back of my head saying that they don't actually like my work. Solution? Let a third party read your work and hype you up! You are paying for my time, not my compliments. Let me see and I'll tell you specifically what I loved!

2) Writers Without Support Systems

Ever have a loved one tell you that you won't make any money as an author? A family member who jokingly asked about your "little book idea". A teacher who rolled their eyes when you said you wanted to go to college for creative writing? I'm here for you! Not everyone has access to supportive people who have the time to read their work! That's totally fine. Let me look at it, I'll tell you how great you are! 3) Querying Writers Rejection is tough and it doesn't always get easier. Even if your work is perfect, your writing is out of this world, your pitch is outstanding-- agents can tell you no. Sometimes its a market thing, sometimes it's a budget thing, sometimes there isn't even a reason. If you are in that rut, it can start to look hopeless. Let me take a look at your beautiful story and remind you how much someone will love it.

4) Rejection Sensitive Writers This is similar to querying writers but stay with me. If you self-publish or go through a non-traditional publishing route, you may not be querying. Maybe you finished your writing, but never want to publish it. Either way, giving your writing to an editor, a friend, or a colleague to review can be stressful. We should only share our work with people who can be delicate with feedback, but it can still hurt. I have often gotten feedback where I think, "They are right, but it hurts to be told that." While editing is a very important part of the process, sometimes you need someone to only compliment you.

There are countless people that would benefit from having a resource that only shows them love. So much of writing, regardless of genre or plot, is about sharing your inner thoughts, views, and fears. Sometimes you just need a little bit of encouragement.

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