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Writing Hype: What Is It?

Whew! It's been a minute. There are a bunch of updates I could make, but let's cut to the point: I'm doing something new. Writing Hype is something I've been workshopping for a while. A lot of "business gurus", life coaches, etc. always suggest you find your "why". Why do you do this? For writing, that was easy. I do it because I love it, because I don't know how to not. For my company, Purple Sun Media, the answer was a bit different.

The goal of Purple Sun was and still is to be a publishing company. That is a BIG goal, however, and it doesn't answer my question of "why". So I thought about my first book and what I wanted, as a baby author, that I didn't get. The answer? Support.

Don't get me wrong, I have family and friends who went nuts for my first book. There was a massive wave of support. In the days leading up to that book being published, however, I felt a chasm between what I needed and what resources I had. At that time, more than anything, I needed someone who I did not personally know to read my work and tell me it was good.

Is that a bit self-serving? Yes. I didn't want an editor, or constructive criticism, or a loved-one to assure me it was good. I just wanted someone I didn't know to read it and tell me it was good. At the time, that felt like asking the world. I had no idea, short of making some kind of CraigsList ad, how I could do that.

I firmly believe writers deserve the hype. If you wrote anything-- a poem, a grant, a resume, a novel, a script-- you are a badass. It's just a fact. However, I realize that many writers don't feel that way. I don't always feel that way.

When I thought about what I really wanted Purple Sun to be, it was a source of endless support for authors. Slowly, Writing Hype came to be. The concept is simple: I will read someone's writing, and without editing or judgment, tell them what I loved about it.

Now I have a project I'm deeply passionate about that helps other authors. I could not be more excited to see where this leads!

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